From The Desk of Corretta L. Doctor,

Founder and Editor in Chief of communique Magazine, LLC

Hello Readers! We are coming back!

We are coming back in January 2022 with an extremely powerful lineup of cover stories, features, and articles that will pour into your soul! The beauty of taking a break is that there will typically be a fresh approach to coming back! There is an exciting amount of creativity that I birthed out of the stillness. Oh, yes, there was a lot of noise, a lot of audacity, and a lot of pain. However, I chose peace. Now, I am choosing to return with a bright, bold, unobstructed vision for your reading pleasure! This will be an exciting relaunch for communique Magazine, LLC and I am grateful to those of you that stood in the gap for me during my absence. You are amazing and appreciated.


The last regular issue of communique Magazine was set to be released on February 14, 2021. On that day, and within a period of weeks, my family and I suffered a series of devastating losses as several members of our immediate family passed away after contracting the COVID-19 Virus. Life, for me, has not been the same since that day and my entire world stood still with a sensational loss of passion, initiative, and motivation. Grief took on a new meaning for me. I had to become familiar with how to treat grief as I learned how to mitigate the destruction that came along with it.


The magazine will be a monthly digital publication with limited print editions available. The next issue will be released January 1. 2022.


For those that lost a loved one to Covid-19 or any other death, I extend my deepest sympathy to you.


With love,






Since 1991 our Founder traveled the globe as a back-scene catalyst providing media and marketing support for many celebrities, notorious persons, and emerging artists and authors. For nearly three decades of a consistent global presence, our Founder built an impressive network with a broad spectrum of people. Through this publication, our Founder promises to be a good steward of the bridges built along the road to success.


Launching this International Magazine globally online and by print-on-demand comes as a long awaited dream fulfilled. Each issue is unique, though consistent in the commitment to be a quality publication that pulls the "message" out of the story and presents heartfelt, first time stories and images, or new messages from old stories that are teachable moments for our readers.


communique Magazine is a monthly publication with periodic special editions that are released intermittently between regular issues. The magazine is packed with valuable and relatable content that is hand selected by people that understand what readers are seeking. The images promise to be vivid and captivating and serve as an extension of the message.